March 25th to 27th 2022

Nationals Virginia State Qualifying Tournament




>> 2019 JOOLA North American Team Play (Maryland) 

NNTTC Team and Wide Angle View….

See attached Tournament Experiences by Allan


2019 Newport News Fall Open ….


Division A
1. Ryan “the Nightmare” Gibson (center)
2. Cheng Lin (left) 
3. Matthew Worrell (right)




Division B
1. Asheem Dahal
2. Allan Cheng (right)
3. Bikki Pradhan



Videos (3)



2019 Newport News Spring Open … 


Division A
1. Ryan “the Nightmare” Gibson (middle)
2. Jerred Miklowcic (left)
3. Tony Murnahan (right)




Division B
1. Sulav Thapa (middle)
2. George Griffith (left)
3. Rui Gu (right)




Division C
1. Timmy Thoi (right)
2. Jason Qin (middle)
3. Faith Qin (left)



Tournament Finals (YouTube)